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New fic posted. I have too much time on my hands lol Please have a read!

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But you still haven't updated :(
yellowspotlight89 yellowspotlight89 Said:



which story you referring to? i’m behind on like everything ;_; getting some writing in this weekend tho ^^

"Serpents"!!! What is going on with "Serpents"? I’m sorry to intrude, but I’ve been waiting and I need to know what happens?! XO

That’s what i’m working on this weekend! I wasn’t lyin about my progress, it really is like almost done! I just moved though and got stalled with life in that regard..worry not, you should know what happens this month. I promised myself the show cannot return before I finish this!!!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
But you still haven't updated :(
yellowspotlight89 yellowspotlight89 Said:

which story you referring to? i’m behind on like everything ;_; getting some writing in this weekend tho ^^



So they’re gonna have wall!sex right

idkkk but if you’re interesting in reading that… ;]


Part 2 for Flame has been posted.

You can find Part 1 here:

Good stuff!!

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Hey! You're a really great writer! I've been dying forever for an update on She is Mine. Do you plan on continuing it? :)
yellowspotlight89 yellowspotlight89 Said:

Yes yes yes! I’m just the slowest updater in the universe. I’m almost done with another story of mine and once that’s finished She is Mine will be my main focus, promise!!! :]


Her fingers were splayed across his toned stomach admiring the gentle rise and fall that came with each steady breath. Their legs were intertwined, bodies still entangled, they were a mess of sheets and sex exhausted limbs. Every so often she’d gaze up at him to see if he were awake and each time she was met with eyelids shut fast over his bright blues, face devoid of anything other than tranquility.

He was always so peaceful when he slept, like an earthbound angel, all the stresses of the day seeming to melt away as he slumbered. She found herself enthralled by the sight of him sleeping, so enthralled even that the thought of leaving him was almost painful.

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(also on fanfiction and ao3.)

You fell in slow motion and it was funny only because it wasn’t – which made it an oxymoron, but the world never made sense even before it became a bigger nonsensical mess. You tripped and stumbled your way through the motions and maybe if you paced yourself a little slower and you weren’t trying to live so damn fast it would have been a little easier, but you never did learn how to stay still. Instead you learned how to duck from a hurled beer bottle, a raised belt, a meathook fist. Calm and quiet was a concept that did nothing for you, until Rick and Michonne.

You never had a plan for them.

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sense i make none replied to your post: Serpents Snippet! Dixonne…

yaaay, you founda a place! I’m really happy for you!! And Dixonne…YES!

Thanks mucho girl! I am so very very happy! and DIXONNE WOOTT. I am working away right now ^^

Michonne best be damn thankful that she’s worth it.

He releases a rough sigh, one that gets him a nudge in the spine from Rick. Daryl mutters his annoyance on faint breath and refocuses.

No use denyin it, though. That she’s worth it.

For even deep in the dirt, literally, Daryl’s thoughts rest on a single thing: getting her back to him…them. Safe. It takes one blink for a walker to sneak past and get they damning teeth on ‘um, but the one thing center in Daryl’s focus is how he’s gonna get her out of this.

[Catch up on Serpents here]

Sorry this one is so short!

The Daryl parts are way too engraved in spoilers…guess i’ll just have to hurry up in finish ;]

I’ve been very busy packing to move + running my new writing advice blog writingwithcolor so it’s set my writing back, but i’m catching all the breaks I can! Anyways, thank you all for being so patient!