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So Much More
Rick confesses his feelings for Michonne.
Rating: T
Warnings: None


*coughs* just gonna leave this here



Thank you for this prompt! I had fun writing it.

When the moon hits your eye
like a big pizza pie, that’s amore…

That’s Amore
Ship: Richonne
Summary: Rick and Michonne try to make a pizza.
Rating: 14+
Warnings: Language


Finding good fanfiction:


Finding good fanfiction with awesome characterization and stunning plot elements and looooong chapters:


Finding out that the author hasn’t updated since the 1860s:


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
What's your fan fic writing schedule look like?
yellowspotlight89 yellowspotlight89 Said:

well serpents [twd] is next. then she is mine [inuyasha]. I’m going for the finish on all of these. so the next time I update serpents it’ll be the last chapter(s) or at least i’ll finish them before I publish even a one.

for she is mine which i’ve not worked on for wayyyy too long, I want to actually finish it. I have a couple requests to write other stories so I may satisfy those along the way, but i’m really gonna hone in and continuously update if I can.

not sure about a sweet craving [django unchained] yet. totes love it, but no one really reads it (well there’s quite a bunch but they just silently view) so eh. as it’s all in my head i can enjoy it in my imagination and take my time if there’s no visible demand for it to written.

then way further down the line, i’ve got a hunger games OC idea that’s been a brewin in my head! would love to get on that but with my own original projects too that truly is gonna be set back.

thanks for askin! :]



A missing scene from the finale episode “A”. After their traumatic reunion, Daryl and Michonne reconnect while on the way to Terminus. One shot.


The Eavesdropper

Ship: Richonne

Summary: Carol gets an eyeful.

Rating: Adult

Warnings: Sexual situations, voyeurism

After that lovely interaction between Richonne in the series finale, I thought we needed some Richonne naughtiness. Takes place at the prison, during the good ole days before things went bad.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I see you updated your Django fic, which I'd read if I watched that movie, but I'm really hungry for serpents! Do you know when you'll update that again? I love your writing
yellowspotlight89 yellowspotlight89 Said:



Serpents is definitely next on the fanfic updating list!

After getting that django chap out (which was a hell of a process to get like no feedback on despite all my views like wow okay thank.) i’ve just been mellowing out, getting serious with my original stories, but i’ll be back to my fic writing soon. Plus with the season finale coming tonight *hides under covers* i’mma need some rixonne goodness to sustain me during the break, so yeah will definitely be on that serpents game in the near future.

It’s not a blank word document by any means if that helps. The very first section is complete, but there’s a bitttt more I gotta write, plus I feel like putting in a little *bonus* for ya’ll too so I need to finish that before this chapter goes out. Thanks much!!

Woot, can’t wait. No pressure tho. I know when you put out the next chapter it’ll be great!

merci! ^_^