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*waits patiently for a rick/michonne/daryl threesome*

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Fandom: The Walking Dead
Genre: fluff, romance, friendship
Prompt: Rick finds himself attracted to Michonne, more than he thought he would. She returns the feelings, but Rick becomes slightly obsessed. Michonne snaps him out of it, and he feels embarrassed. A RickxMichonne fic.
Additional comments: My first TWD fic actually! Wrote this oneshot for user Strangerthanstrange on You can find me there at OleLivia :)

Word Count: 1213

Triggers: none


Rick was wary of her for a while. He didn’t exactly trust her, but he didn’t exactly not trust her either. It was a strange relationship at first. He merely accepted her presence and appreciated that she could wield a weapon well. But things began to change when he noticed the growing friendship between her and his son. Michonne went out from time to time, none of us really knowing how long she’d be out. She took the timr out from her run to find Carl some comic books and candy to keep him entertained. It was a softness that he’d never seen in her before, never knew she possessed it actually. That’s when he began paying closer attention to her. He started talking to her more, small talk of course, nothing too deep. Everyone in the world didn’t want to shine light on their pasts, so they kept them in the dark. He had her help him farm and take care of animals on some days, and others he would help her kill off some walkers on the perimeter of the prison. He noticed the small things about her, how her strut across the prison was strong yet sultry. He liked the way her hair cut through the air when she swung her katana. And he especially loved the way her skin looked in different lighting. By mid afternoon, the sheen of sweat made her skin glisten like ebony glitter. When she was dried off and in the evening sun, and as cliche it was to Rick, she looked like the most delicious chocolate there was. He felt almost guilty thinking these thoughts, they plagued his mind when he lie in bed alone at night.
One morning, Michonne and Rick decided to take watch for the day together. They would be alone all day, excluding the times when Carol would bring them their meals so they wouldn’t have to leave post. Rick was nervous being alone with her all day, though he knows he shouldn’t be.
"Mornin’ Michone."
"Morning," she sleepily replied. He thought she sounded cute when she was tired.
"Didn’t get much sleep last night?"
She shrugged, “I got sleep, s’just waking up is hard.”
She gave him a rare grin that hardly anyone had the privilege of seeing. She smiled to Carol and Carl mostly, Daryl a few times too. But this was the first time she had given a genuine smile to Rick, and he’d felt as if he won an award. Michonne could tell he felt accomplished because he puffed his chest out a little and sat straighter.
"Ya know, you have a great smile Michonne," Rick said with confidence. If Michonne could visibly blush, she’d be a deep red right now. She didn’t know why she was getting butterflies from Rick complimenting her, it wasn’t anything unusual for her to get compliments in the past from many people. Even Carol had told her she liked her smile a few times and she hadn’t batted an eyelash. But Rick was different.
She ducked her head and hid behind her hair in response. “You don’t suppose you’d like to take watch with me from now on….would ya? I-I mean you don’t have to it’s just a suggestion, I know you like watching with other people but….heck I don’t know,” Rick stumbled over his words, blushing. She was sure he was trying to ask her out without having to actually ask her out, if that thing even exists anymore in the apocalypse.
"I’d like that a lot, Rick. Thank you," she replied, with another smile of course. Rick grinned back with excited eyes, and looked out to the prision yard, pretending to take more interest in the few walkers outside the gates than his new partner sitting next to him, afriad he would blush if he even looked at her.
She wanted to take it slow, not really intending to start something too deep right now. The wounds from her previous family arrangement were still fresh in her emotions. She liked taking watch with Rick overnight more than the daytimes, it refrained her from having more nightmares, plus she and Rick began to become closer. They learned the meaningless things about each other. His favorite color is green, hers blue. He thinks women look best in whatever they are comfortable in, she thinks men look great in suits. He loves the song “Just a little Lovin’” by Shelby Lynne, she loves Justin Timerlake and she really misses Netflix. They laugh and wipe happy tears away as they talk about good times from the past, even if they hurt a little.
"You have gorgeous eyes, Michonne," Rick said. He really did love her eyes. It was his favorite feature of her, other than her smile. She gives him a kind smile back, but doesn’t say anything. Rick had been coddling her as of late, being a little dramatic when it came to the other men of the camp talking to her, or when he spent too much time away from her. He thought that she was losing interest in him, so he tried to make up for it by complementing her and staying close.
After a moment of silence, Michonne was going to tell Rick how she felt. “Rick I need to tal-“
"Shit…..okay. I get it….I understand ‘Chonne. You don’t gotta say anythin’," Rick interrupted, sadness lacing his every word.
"What? Rick what’s wrong?" Michonne was confused. He took a few moments of silence before he answered her.
"I’ve noticed that you seem to not..exactly feel the same way I feel about you. You just seem distant lately, and I thought it was because you didn’t like me."
"Oh, Rick no that’s not it at all!" Michonne replied, taking his hands in hers. He looked up a little at her, hope in his eyes. He waited for her to explain.
"I might’ve seemed distant to you because I just…I kinda want to take things slower than you want things to move. I’ve…..I’ve had a troubled past since this all started and…..and It’s been hard for me to get close to anyone." Tears threatened to spill over her eyes, and Rick noticed, so he squeezed her hands tighter.
"And all this time you’ve been obsessing a little over me and……and it’s just a little overwhelming for me right now. But don’t think for one second that I don’t feel the same way about you," she said with a smile on her face. Rick beamed back at her, and inched closer until their lips touched. It was a quick peck, nothing more, but neither of them needed more than what they just got.
"I’m sorry I made you feel uncomfortable, but know you can always talk to me. ‘Kay?"
"Okay, Rick." She felt much better about the whole "relationship" thing now, and Rick felt great that he knew she felt the same way about him.

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Re-reading Serpents…you know what that means..


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pairing: Richonne

rating: general/ K


Hey, Carl.” I call from where I stand at the counter.  He waves at me and calls his own greeting in return. This is the usual for us; what’s unusual is the fact that there’s a man, a police officer, trailing after Carl.

I can’t help smiling at how uncomfortable he looks; a comic book shop is definitely not this guy’s forte.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Let me just say that I adore serpents but I LOVE a sweet craving. It's my guilty ass pleasure and I cheer inside whenever I see an update!! Team Billy but Calvin is so seductive too. I know you get asked a lot to update but could you please please update a sweet craving soon?? Love your fan
yellowspotlight89 yellowspotlight89 Said:

awww :o this makes me so happy. Thank you!!! I really love that story too, ya know. I love all me fan fics even if i’m slow as hell to update after a while. It’s just writer’s block and other mental sludge tbh ;_; but anyhow, i’ll get to ASC as soon as I can! I already vowed to do serpents first which is way shorter than asc is gonna be anyway, then i’ll update ASC once again before finishing my inuyasha story up.

I love asc but it’s not as fun when no one really reviews it. even the one i thought was its biggest fan or w/e. so what am i rushing to write this for?! so yeahh. but I will get to it! It’s msgs like this that reminds me that people are still reading it like my viewcount seems to imply (but i narrow my eyes at it in distrust) and update I will; this I promise you! Thanks lovely! <3


  • know they’re problematic
  • know why they’re problematic
  • don’t dismiss people’s feelings/dissatisfaction with them
  • don’t silence people when they’re talking about the problems in your media, because your enjoyment is not more important than that discussion. 

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Rick woke slowly, feeling very groggy from the painkillers that he’d taken yesterday afternoon. He could hear a light rain pattering against the windows. He blinked, trying to focus his eyes in the dim room, not sure if it was night or if he’d slept into the next morning.

Rick tried to move but realized that there was something heavy leaning against his side. Confused, he turned his head to see Michonne.

She was curled up beside him, sharing his pillow, arm draped across his chest so her hand rested on his other shoulder.

The moment was so warm and peaceful that, in Rick’s foggy mind, he thought it had to be a dream.

He and Michonne were spending a lazy Saturday morning in bed, slowly waking up to the day, the outside world muffled by the steady rain.

Carl’s baseball game would be cancelled due to the rain. Later, they would go downstairs and make a breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, hash-browns, toast, and orange juice.

But for now Rick was comfortable right where he was. Michonne’s soft breath was warm against his neck. Gently, he ran his fingers along her arm, savoring her closeness.

His hand touched something rough. It was a piece of gauze taped to her shoulder. From where she scraped her arm on a fence post, that’s what she said, after nearly giving me a heart attack, thinking she got bit by a walker.

Rick frowned at that thought, discordant in the quiet dreamlike moment. He felt something stuck on his face. Strange… Reaching up to feel what it was, Rick realized that he had a small band-aid across the ridge of his nose, another on his temple.  

Ohhh. Michonne was giving me first aid yesterday and I passed out after she bandaged my leg. She must have put these on my face too.

The memories caught up to each other and fell into place in his mind. She must have fallen asleep and flung her arm over me without realizing it.

Rick felt a twinge of disappointment at realizing that his dream wasn’t real. No, isn’t it better this isn’t just a dream?

“Mmmm,” Michonne shifted in her sleep, disturbed by Rick’s movements.

She’s waking up! What do I do?! Rick panicked for a few seconds and then decided that the best possible course of action in this situation would be to close his eyes and pretend to be asleep.    

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Ooo. definitely intrigued!